Monday, October 27, 2014

Lazy Monday

Today I've got a dentist appointment, and I'm really not in the mood to get all dressed up- I'll only be there for at least an hour. I thought about what outfit I could wear that would be comfortable but yet chic and put together. This outfit was born from my beautiful closet!

I bought this top last week! I had to have it! I walked into Hey Jo! (one of my favorite boutiques!) They had just put it on the floor, no price tag no nothing, tried it on and was instantly sold! Plus, I usually have messy hair and I love my sweatpants, which means I have to take a trip to Victoria Secret soon, when I can afford it.

My jeans are from AE! They are having a sale right now! Buy one get 50% off the second item or most expensive. I bought two pairs of jeans and a top for about 90$ which isn't bad, you get what you pay for and I mean that in the most positive way ever! 
 The shoes! 

I've been on the prowl for casual booties, ones you could throw on with anything. I went on a search with my mother two Sunday's ago, We went to Marshall's, Famous Footwear, Target, EVERYWHERE! Finally we ended up at Fab'rik. I had the girls pull two pair for me. Neither of which I liked, finally Mom saw these, they were exactly what I was looking for! She knew what I wanted and how long I had been looking. I paid a beautiful 40$ for them and couldn't be happier! You can get yours at  Fab'rik  <<Click here!

Hope you have a beautiful Lazy Monday! Remember

  Stay Classy!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Playlist

As we all know I'm a woman with different interests, everything from how my car runs to rap music. 
So I'm going to share my October playlist with you guys, 
1. Placebo- Battle for the Sun
2. Macklemore- And we danced (this one will get you in a good mood, the beat is perfect)
3. Kesha- Die Young (old I know, but it's still a favorite!) 
4. Maroon 5- Maps 
5. George Ezra- Budapest (I've been there too) 
6. Taylor Swift- Shake it off (I don't really like her, but this song is pretty good)
7. One Republic- Secrets, Good Life
8. Calvin Harris- Summer 
 9. Sam Smith- Stay with me
10. Passanger- Let her go
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 boutiques you must check out!

I'm a boutique shopaholic, Every time I go on vacation I have to find at least one or two boutiques to check out. I like to see what others are pricing their clothing as, see what their buying, and yes I'll occasionally buy something, but not always. 
Here are 5 of my favorite boutiques I have discovered while on vacation. (I haven't been to Kansas so I have yet to visit that one)

  1. Frankly Basic Boutique- Kansas City  I have yet to visit, but I'm getting out there one day! This boutique is absolutely adorable! I discovered them via instagram and then started following them on FB. Granted it's a little expensive, but what they sell is well worth it! I would buy a few pieces if I could!
2.  The Mint Julep Boutique- Auburn Alabama I love love love this place! I haven't been to this one yet either, didn't even realize it was only 2-3 hours away from me! If I had known that I would be going as much as possible! They have some super cute clothing and everything is reasonably priced! I discovered them via FB! 
3. Coral Boutique- Griffin GA- I've had a friends recommend this cute little online boutique to me, they say it's my style and I'll love every piece she puts out. Guess what it's true! :) She's only online so shopping from your couch is easy! They have great sales every Tuesday night! or every other Tuesday! You can also find them on Instagram! She also has a website! Click here
4. Oystercatcher- Apalachicola, Florida This little place is adorable! My bestie Ashley (TheGritsblog)  took me here, at first I was a little nervous. It was quite and no one was really shopping, so we made our way into the place and I couldn't have been more pleased! On top of that, they were having a sidewalk sale!!! I scored a top and a dress! for 40$ I'm seriously obsessed with the dress! They don't have their website up yet, but check them out on fb! 

5. My alllll time favorite boutique! Paisleigh's Corner Boutique! They have the best prices around! I love love love everything she has, I couldn't be more thrilled! She knows how to shop and brings a different style to the table! You can find PC on Facebook, they are currently working on a website! 

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Monday, October 13, 2014

What a week!

This past week has been crazy! I've worked my butt off last week and made killer sales!
I also treated myself to a few new tops:
This one was a must have in my closet! It's flannel and warm! I can pair it with just about anything! Jeans, jeggings, red or black pants! My shoes were a steal! 
$11 for a pair of flats? sign me up!!

I've also changed my hair color- It's blond with brown.. I'm not a dirty blond but something close to it! 
Here's a close up:
I couldn't be happier with my new look, I'm still sporting the curls like always! Also got heavier bangs. I'm going back for more in a few weeks, gotta give my hair some time to rest! it's been through a lot of the past 6 months! :) 

Sunday Funday couldn't have come fast enough!
 Because this happened! It doesn't happen often but when it does I must document it!
I'm suppose to be losing weight for a wedding I'm in, in January.. this didn't help.. ha.
But seriously, I'm looking forward to another busy week and more happiness to fill my life. 

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Monday, October 6, 2014

List of 5 fall things.

Happy Monday! 
Here's my list of 5 fall random things, 

  1. I woke up to this beautiful photo that was sent to me, Is this not picture perfect or what? 
  2. I've got to start reading again..I have neglected my book that's sitting on my desk, Its started to collect dust. I'm embarrassed. 
 3. My cat seems to have taken over my bed, everywhere I sleep, sit or even try and read-she's there... tell me how this happens? 

 4.My coffee hasn't tasted the same lately, maybe I'm not adding enough of something? Maybe I'm adding too much of something? who knows but I need it to be right that's for sure! 

 5. Last but not least, always, always, have a fantastic Monday! 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Stila Palette "Beauty the Buff"

Stila is my new favorite line of make-up! I usually don't buy palettes like this, for fear I'll only use one or two of the eye-shadows- but this one! I use them alll! I couldn't be more pleased with what they offered in this little palette.

Its the whole package, it even tells you on the side how to apply eye-shadow correctly! Not picture: is the mirror,eyeliner and lipstick! It's everything you will ever need to go out! Honestly, I mix and match my make up. Seeing there isn't a dark enough color in here to make my eyes POP I just used a light coat of black over the silk and a little eye liner. My eyes looked so green and beautiful! Check out the photo below! 
If you're in the market for a new make-up palette, I suggest you get this one! It hasn't let me down yet and I've only had for a week now! 
You can buy it at Ulta stores,Click Here to yours! 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Skyview + C's Birthday

This past weekend is definitely one that will be engraved in my brain.
1) I personally don't like Atlanta, it's not my favorite place.
2) It's got some great places, but not ones I'd go to every weekend.
and 3) Midtown smells awful! like you wouldn't believe.. 
That's besides the point of this post.
This past Thursday was C's Birthday, and of course I had to go all out! 
First we started at 6th street pier with dinner and drinks with close friends, nothing big just small. 
The five of us, shout out to our waitress who put up with us! 
I got C a book about Modern cars, which he loved! 
 Then we proceed to have coffee at the local starbucks, where we sat for about 3 hours talking about how we're all connected (like we all know the same people and were mutual friends back in the day) someway somehow.. It got a little creepy at times.
Friday, was slow and ugly out. got my coworkers some coffee and everything was kicked into high gear after that! 
Closed the store on a high note and couldn't wait for the next day! 
I went to go see an old friend of mine, I hadn't seen her in years! 
and you have no idea how excited we were to see one another! 
let just say the photo below doesn't do it justice.
  I have missed this lady so much, you guys wouldn't believe it! 
on top of that, she's a fantastic artist! Her sketches are amazing, beautiful and so real! 
 I'll find a link to her site/Facebook page!
Then around 1pm we made our way to the city of Atlanta! 
Let's just say it was an entertaining car ride, we all wanted to kill each other at some point.
As soon as we got to Skyview, all was well! 
Just a few photos from this beautiful ride we had. 

 This is one of my most favorite views, you can literally see everything and more.

These were just a few of the photos we took while on Skyview.
It was an awesome experience! 
 Us outside of skyview!

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